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My Developpement

Welcome to the page of my developments, projects in preparation/realization.

I often write articles about the configuration and administration of services on server machines GNU/Linux which are stored on - There are also other sections that may interest you.

Otherwise for development, programming HTML/JAVASCRIPT/PHP codes - below are some links - in addition to the docs I write on

Test on Date

SWAN scanning IPv4 + IPv6

Weather API test

Rdap Test - Whois Replacement

Test retrieval of global variables AWStats

Google API test

Twitch API test

OAuth2 Account - Personal JSON Web Token Test

Reports DMARC between mail servers

About: Prevent Identity Theft and phishing with DMARC

I opened a topic on Servers Mails - Reports DMARC (SPF - DKIM) - analyze XML file?

And another documentation page I wrote: MTA - Mail error messages - SMTP return codes to analyze the returns (Status) of the recipient SMTP servers.

ZW3B API v7.1.2 Engine

The API retrieves content from ZW3B [FR|TV|SITE|NET|BLOG] websites in JSON

ZW3B Client API

Preparing a PHP Class for clients so that they can authenticate from their server machine (its website) and access private/protected resources.

class zw3bApiClient()